Social Inclusion

Situation before (October 2002) & after the CBR Project in Tiruvallur District


Before After
CBOs did not come forward to include PwDs in their groups. PWDs  are included in Community based Organizations.
PwDs / their families thought that disability is a result of sin. Families realized that disability is connected to poverty.
Most of the PwDs did not participate in social ceremonies and community festivals PwDs are participating in social ceremonies and community gatherings.
Parents/family members were not ready to accept PwDs as they are. They used non-disabled children as a reference for the performance of disabled children. Families are accepting the PwDs as they are.
Families and communities had little understanding of the needs, potentials and rights of PwDs. PwDs and families have confidence in rehabilitation measures and are taking concrete steps to realize the rehabilitation
PwDs felt that they were a burden for the community and they couldn’t contribute to the community development PwDs are starting to realize their inner potentials and skills and gained self confidence.
Family members and communities did not encourage PwDs to get married.

PwDs were also not confident enough to get married.

PwDs are respected at family- and community level in most of the villages.

Some of the PwDs got married

PwDs were not respected by the family and community and treated as secondary citizen even at family level. Most of the Government authorities, PRIs and community based organizations had little understanding of the needs and rights of PwDs PRIs, Govt. authorities and CBOs have a good understanding of the needs of PwDs in the rights based perspective.
WwDs very rarely received a share of the family property   Women SHGs are functioning as a Goodwill Ambassadors for protecting the rights of PwDs at family- and community level