Situation before (October 2002) & after the CBR Project in Tiruvallur District


Before After
PwDs/their families were not aware of the procedures on how to get disability certificate, disability ID card and assistive devices. They have now received their disability certificate  and ID cards
Most of them had belief in local totems / mantras for the treatment of disability. There is now an increased awareness among the communities about the causes and prevention of disabilities.
Mobility of PwDs was very limited. On the streets we could only see a few PwDs. Now their mobility and communication skills have improved, thanks to aids and appliances.
Most of the rural communities were not aware of the causes and prevention of disabilities. CwDs (Children with Disability) had limited access to therapy support and corrective surgeries. PwDs / Parents had no hope concerning rehabilitation measures. There was also a lack of psychiatric medicines in Govt. hospitals. With Vasantham’s intervention, disability birth rate is considerably reduced in the project area, Immunization, pre-natal and post- natal services are easily accessible, PwMIs are getting psychiatric medicines from the Govt. hospitals