Situation before (October 2002) & after the CBR Project in Tiruvallur District



Before After
PwDs were isolated and not organized as group/federations. Most of the PwDs are organized into DPOs and WWDs and family members of PwDs have been included in the Women groups.
Lack of unity among the PwDs.

No leadership among PwDs

Leadership emerged from PwDs from Village to District level
No collective action among PwDs

No voice given to protect their rights.

PwDs are collectively giving voice for their rights. PwDs are united and they are well connected with Block-, District- and State level DPO networks.
Majority of the Govt. authorities did not have a positive attitude on PwDs and perceived a charity mode of approach. District level Coordination committee for welfare of the PwDs has been constituted under the chairmanship of District Collector. This is a good platform to address the needs of PwDs and for them to not be looked as charity cases
They depended on local middleman to apply for Govt. schemes

No District level committee formed to address the needs of PwDs.

District Collector has opened a separate counter at the District Collectorate to receive grievances from the PwDs on every Mondays. This is a disabled friendly counter

Many issues brought to the notice of the Railway administration and find solutions