Situation before (October 2002) & after the CBR Project in Tiruvallur District


Before After
A high number of CwDs were not enrolled in schools due to the parents’ negligence and called by nicknames by the peer groups and general communities Enrolment rate of PwDs in regular schools increased

Parents and CwDs are showing interest in schooling.

Positive attitude developed among some school teachers.

Lack of accessible facilities in schools Peer group support has increased for CwDs in schools
School teachers did not show much concern about the CWDs. They discouraged the schooling of CwDs as they were not confident / capable enough to manage / educate certain types of disabled children. PwDs are accessing skill trainings

Most of the PwDs are getting jobs under MGNREGA and some of them are engaged in self employment activities

Some bankers are extending credit support to PwDs

CwDs were often not included in school activities, games, sports, cultural and recreational activities CwDs are included in extracurricular activities- sports, games and cultural programmes.