Vasantham is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 in 2010. It started in October 2002 with the funding and technical support of CBR Forum. 290 PwDs ((Persons with Disabilities) were organized into SHGs / Village level DPOs ((Disabled People Organization). IRCDS first introduced the concept of forming PWD SHGs (self help groups) in the District. The SHGs and DPOs were federated at Block level and is called “Vasantham Federation of Differently Abled – Kadambathur Block” in the year 2005. This was the first Block level DPO federation in Tiruvallur District.

When PWDs- and women groups of the neighbouring block, Tiruvallur, got to know about the success of the CBR project and DPO initiatives, they approached IRCDS to ask for an expansion of the project interventions. In Tiruvallur District, many PwDs were in need of training, facilitation and support.In order to be able to carry out the expansion, IRCDS applied to Caritas Germany. With their funding- and technical support as well as with the support of CBR Forum, IRCDS has expanded the CBR Project to Tiruvallur Block from July 2006 onwards.

With the backing of IRCDS’ experience in forming DPOs and implementing CBR projects, it formed 110 village level DPOs (consisting of 966 PwDs) in Tiruvallur Block. They were federated to a Block level Federation in June 2007. DPO leaders decided to keep the same name i.e. “Vasantham Federation of differently abled – Tiruvallur Block”.

PwDs, Women groups and local community leaders approached Vasantham federation representatives of Kadambathur & Tiruvallur Blocks to expand their membership base and work across the District. They have also started donating money to observe world disabled day in the adjacent blocks. Some well wishers including the local Lions Club have voluntarily come forward and sponsored disability assessment camps and provide aids and appliances.